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Welcome! We are so happy you are joining us to become a partner and help promote the 2023 Wellness After 40 Summit

We are on a mission to inspire and empower people to BE AGELESS! To create a movement for AGELESS LIVING. For living one’s best life regardless of one’s age.

We believe with wellness we are empowered to be ageless and are evangelists for the message that WELLNESS IS FREEDOM.

In helping to promote the Wellness After 40 Summit you will help us to share the tips, strategies and information to empower people to seize control of their health, fitness and wellbeing and realize their personal wellness potential.  To have the freedom to live their best lives.

You will also make 50% commission on all sales of the Empowerment Package resulting from your promotion of the Summit.

What is the Summit?

The 2nd Annual Wellness After 40 Summit runs from February 6-18, 2023.

How the Summit Works

Why Become a Partner?

How to Get Started

Step One: Join & Become a Partner

It’s free to join as a partner and only takes a few second.  Once inside the partner/affiliate dashboard you will be able to access your unique affiliate tracking link as well as all the resources you will need to spread the word.

Step Two: Share the Summit

In your partner/affiliate dashboard you will have access too:

…everything you need to easily share the Summit.

Just share the link with your friends and followers to register for free and if they upgrade to the Empowerment Package you will earn money. 

Step Three: Make Money

The Affiliate management system we have elected to use Thrivecart tracks which participants signed up after clicking your affiliate tracking link.

If any of your referrals decides to purchase the Summit Empowerment Package, you will get paid 50% after the 30-day refund period.

There are no minimum number of sales or minimum earnings required.


An online summit or virtual summit is like a conference you can attend from the comfort of your own home. 

We interview and record some of the world’s leading health, fitness and wellbeing experts on how to prevent disease and illness and how to optimize your health and wellbeing.  Then, for a period of around 12 days or so, we make those interviews available – for free – to anyone who wants to register and watch them.

During the Summit registrants can decide to invest in lifetime access to the recordings of the complete Summit and related bonuses.

As a partner you can invite your community to this free event. If any of your referred friends or followers decide to purchase the Summit Empowerment Package, you’ll receive a 50% commission.

The Summit is for free for a limited period. During the 12 days of the Summit, we release 6 to 7 expert masterclass sessions every day. The audience has 24 hours to watch these before they are replaced with the next day’s sessions. At the end of the Summit all free recordings are taken down and placed in the Empowerment Package vault. 

If a participant would like to have lifetime access to the recordings or enjoy the downloads and bonuses that come with the Summit Empowerment Package, they’ll have the opportunity to upgrade and purchase our Summit Empowerment Package.

Note: The Summit is completely free and anyone can watch the daily masterclass sessions for free.  Upgrading to the Empowerment Package is completely optional.

If a registrant decides to upgrade and purchase the Summit Empowerment Package revenue will be recorded and you’ll be paid your commission.

We use the Thrivecart Affiliate management system and if a visitor visits a page referred by your affiliate tracking link, no matter where that link redirects them to, a cookie is dropped on their device which associates that visitor with you as the affiliate.

Yes, you will be able to see the commissions you have earned in the Thrivecart Affiliate Dashboard.

Additionally, we’ll send you a full overview at the end of the Summit together with your commission payment and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Payments of commission are done via bank transfer to your bank account.  If outside of the US you will be required to cover the transfer costs. 

The Summit Empowerment Package comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. During the guarantee period a customer can decide to ask for a full refund. Because of that we only know the actual revenue number at the end of the guarantee period of each respective purchase. And that’s when we pay out your commission.

Due commissions are paid out within 15 working days after the end of the refund period but subject to bank transfer timeframes.

After your account is set up, you’ll receive a link to graphics, sample emails and sample social media posts, as well as suggested schedule for sending emails. 

No.  If a US resident you will be required to provide your business Tax ID or Social Security Number.

Join The Movement. Support The Mission. Help Us Change Lives.